Adding fresh paint to the walls of your home is a simple way to change the style and breathe new life into your interior design. While the project might be easy enough to complete, the paint selection process is far from simple. With literally thousands of different colors to choose from, it can be hard to decide which one is the best for your room. We’ve put together a few tips to help steer you in the right direction while creating a fresh, new look.

Before looking at paint samples and buying paint, determine how you plan to use the room and what type of mood you want to set. For example, bedrooms should be calm and relaxing while game rooms or family rooms should be fun and energetic. Use magazines and catalogs to help you find some design inspiration.

Follow these tips if you’re not sure which colors to choose for the mood you wish to create:

● Bright saturated colors like red, yellow and orange bring energy into the room. These colors are perfect for rooms where friends and family interact, such as a kitchen, family room or game room.
● Cool colors like blue, aqua and green give off a calming vibe. These colors are reminiscent of a spa-like atmosphere and create a relaxing environment in your bedroom or bathroom.
● Neutral colors work in just about any room of the house. The natural shades of beige, taupe and warm gray also match just about any other color, so you can change up the mood of a room by simply adding a few accent pieces in different colors.
● For an elegant and sophisticated style, tone down the colors. You can go light or dark in your color selection, just make sure that there is an undertone of gray. These colors add a touch of class to just about any room in the house.
● With minimalist style, avoid the bright colors all together and go for a simple white. It has a calm appearance and makes the room seem more spacious.
● If you want to show off your adventurous side, opt for a bold color. Black, espresso, charcoal, navy and red shades have a dramatic effect on the finished look of the room.

Once you have the base color for your room, the rest of the design will come together. Create a focal point in the room by adding a contrasting accent wall. Brighten up the design by adding colorful accessories. Those paint samples might seem overwhelming at first, but once you get in and start playing around with different design ideas, you’ll have fun using color to make your house match your personality.

Courtesy – Pottery Barn

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