Modern products like cordless blinds are the best solution for child-safe blinds. There are many stylish solutions without the worry of dangerous dangling blind cords.

If you already have blinds and don’t want to replace them, you can still make them more child-safe. Use things like cord cleats, cord wraps, and breakaway tassels. Blind cord safety is easy for parents to address these days and is an easy way to keep your kids safe.

Window Blind Cord Safety – History Of Child Safety Standards

The window covering industry underwent a major safety overhaul in the mid-90s. Before then, window blind cords had no built-in safety stops and several children had died of strangulation due to window blind cords.

New safety requirements passed in the 90s required corded blinds and shades to be redesigned with built-in child safety features. These include anchoring systems for blind cords, safety stops for inner cords, and completely cordless styles. Blind manufacturers and childproofing companies also released a variety of safety devices to retrofit existing blind cords.

1. Blind Cord Cleats

Simple and inexpensive blind cord cleats allow pull cords to be secured safely out of reach. This is probably the simplest child-safe cord fix for standard blinds with pull cords. However, it should be used in conjunction with a safety tassel (below) just in case someone is in a hurry and the cord is not wound up properly.


2. Blind Cord Wrap and Roll-ups

Other blind cord safety devices made for child-safe blinds are cord wraps and cord roll-ups. These retractable devices are made to neatly secure blind cords out of reach. Safety-wise, they’re as effective as blind cord anchors but look tidier and don’t require installation into window frames.


3. Blind Cord Safety Tassles

The cord tassel is the plastic thimble-like piece at the end of the blind pull cord. If multiple blind control cords are connected with one tassel it creates a dangerous loop. This is one of the major safety hazards that drove the changes within the industry.

Luckily, it’s an easy fix. Simply replace the single tassel with a breakaway tassel or multiple cord tassels like the ones listed below. This eliminates the dangerous cord loop.


Cordless Blinds are the Safest Choice for Family Homes

Cordless blinds and shades are available in every style imaginable, and many are surprisingly inexpensive. If you’re in the market for new window coverings, it’s easy to avoid the blind cord safety issue altogether.

The Window Covering Safety Council highly recommends using cordless window coverings in homes with small children. Not only are cordless blinds and shades safer, but they’re also sleeker and more stylish than blinds with dangling cords.

Amazon has a great selection of cordless blinds and shades at competitive prices. Below are some top-rated products that you might wanter to consider. You can also find some basic styles in stock in most home improvement stores, too.


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