The time is almost here! Christmas is only 5 days away!

Table settings have become a tradition in our family every time we eat together or have guests over for dinner. But, during the holidays, it is especially special to say the least. My mom and I look forward to setting our tables up as beautiful as we can because it really says a lot to our guests about how much we care. Table settings are a time for you to be creative! Have fun with it and get inspired! Over here at the Jacoby household, we have created a new table setting this week to inspire you to do the same. Now is the time to take out all your fine china, sparkles, gold and silver and everything else festive. The fun is just about to begin. Here are some fun friendly tips for you to create that dream table setting you’ve always wanted.

1- Go to Michaels and pick up some fun Xmas decor for the table.

2- Always have fresh flowers on the table. We usually pick roses from our backyard.

3- Take out your finest china and set up the table.

4- Light candles on your table. We usually use anywhere from 8-15 candle–the more the merrier!

5- Don’t forget to play festive music in the background!

Tip: Pick up all your table essentials besides the flowers of course, today. This weekend will be a madhouse and next week, well, forget about that! Good luck shopping. Please email me with photos of how your table turned out


-Bree Jacoby


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