When it comes to all home design, functionality reigns supreme. Opulent beauty and high end designs mean very little if the design does not do its intended job. Vinyl, aluminum and off the self products do everything that higher end window coverings do, they control the aperture of light in the room. However, what custom windows do do that the fore mention offerings cannot is simple: they connect on a deeper and more intimate level to your ideas of style, comfort and aesthetic. After a window treatment fulfills its core purpose of exposing and blocking outside light, everything else is a matter of fun and personality. 

A well executed window treatment is something that requires a lot of time and consideration. Especially a window treatment that speaks to the clients personal preference while not being displaced from the overall look or tone of the room. Much like a pair of expertly cut diamond earrings, great window treatments draw the eye upwards and invite the looker into the outside view.  A window, that with the addition of custom treatments becomes more than what it was. Once a humble window, now a eye-catching view that speaks to individuality that makes even the mundane outside, more interesting and unique. This ,at its heart, is the truest power of custom window treatments: to take what is functioning and give it panache, flair and a dash of fantasy. 




written by Claudette Davis 

Social Media Specialist

For Jacoby Company  


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