Here is a note about linings.  We use a nice weight sateen lining for the drapery and in some cases, we also use a felt interlining that helps the face fabric lay better and look fuller.  The heavier lining also provides a form of installation so they become energy efficient.  Please note also, when there is a lot of noise in a room, I use the interlining as a sound muffler.  To make my point on this, have you ever been out to dinner and you can’t hear your friends talk across the table and you aren’t sure if you need a hearing aide (a big “no” on that) or if you just aren’t listening carefully enough?  Either way, it is because of the hard surfaces in the room and they are not complimented by not using enough fabrics to absorb the sound.  Anyway,  I take this all into consideration when deciding which lining to use.In this picture we used the felt interlining and a blackout lining.  The end treatment was so yummy and inviting that both the client and I wanted to scream with joy.


More tomorrow!

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