Found this great Blog on ceiling design, we just had to share…

I think you’ll agree with me when I say:

It’s not always easy to imagine or apply a design that you liked to your project.

Or is it?

Well, it turns out, you can dramatically increase your chances of successful design implementation if you follow one simple step…

…a step that gets the project done regardless of its complexity.

Being through thousands of homes I noticed that one little actionable thing and today I’m going to show you that step-by-step, and you will see that it’s actually very easy to implement.

We have recently completed an interior design project and in this post, I want to show you most common options and challenges while going through ideas for ceiling designs that are used to make most beautiful ceiling decoration.

Previously we have assembled our Coffered Ceiling Portfolio, but this page is dedicated to ceiling design ideas that are one of a kind.  See pictures below.

Here is the our ceiling design that we have completed a while ago in King City, just north of Toronto.

Punta del Este Beach House

Here is a Dining room that connects kitchen with Great room together.
This pattern is chosen after few dozens of different approaches discussed.

There were lots of options to choose from, and some are better than others but this ceiling design was the winner, and a client is very happy about it.

However while selecting a perfect ceiling design for your particular space or room you might hit some distinct challenges:

Every house is Different!

And not just a layout itself but many other things that give more options or more troubles. You may want to install insulation under your floors, I recommend Tate’s Coating Services to come out and do it for you. So what it provides us with? You got to ask questions.  You can say “what new about that”? Well, I can tell you – Lots of options are scaring people away, and they want to see only 2-3 options.

And that’s wold be a missed opportunity because lots of different options show perfect examples from another perspective.  I can quickly show you way more than standard 2-3 if you just spent few minutes here.

In this post, we collected a big chunk of them. Let’s see:

1. Not a square ceiling – another view of a that same dining room from the kitchen.

  As you can see, this ceiling space is rectangular, which, makes it easier to design it.The ceiling has a coffered bulkhead box on the perimeter that connected with huge for dining room paneled opening.Chandelier is in the center of the room inside a little square right in a middle of the ceiling.
Screen Shot 2017-02-01 at 10.49.10 AMIf you have a sketch of the ceiling design that you like and know the measurements of the ceiling space, you can get the idea of how it’s going to look afterward.  All you need to do is combine both on in an image editor.If space is not so simple and straight forward, you better use CAD drawings instead of sketches.After this step is done let’s see if

2. If this will work with your current style

I found that often we see homes that are totally mixed between the styles and many homeowners don’t pay attention to that, but rather to functionality of the house, and decor that They like.
Punta del Este Beach House
By looking further at  the images you will see it.

3. Combine ceiling pattern with your paint and furniture.

 Similar as with the style of the home, this living room gives us an example where light furniture on a light color rag looks in good contrast with dark walls with bookshelf’s, wall trims and light ceiling color with the pattern on it.

The fireplace also stands out in white and giving a noticeable accent, while ceiling and rug are off-white colors.

Photo by Michael Abrams

Punta del Este Beach House

Looking at dark walls, it’s hard to notice trim except the fireplace. Let’s see a different photo.

 ….Stay turned more to come!

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