Roller Shades

Simple is in.  Privacy is in.  Large windows are in.  Here is where a roller shade sings to us all.  It used to be—back in the day—that more is better. For example, that is where the concept of puddling the drapery came from. If you have ever travelled to Europe and seen all the fabulous expensive fabrics puddling the floor, well, that meant that you had enough money to waste on fabric.  Today, we now have the exact opposite.  The architects view the world differently now with their designs and simple is in.  This is where a roller shade comes into the design as we are following the lead of the architect.  Oftentimes I design a double roller shade, one blackout and one solar with a self valance.  The solar shade allows for you to be able to look out during the day, and at night, the blackout shade can come down to provide room darkening.   Sounds like a hassle, it’s not.  We can use rechargeable motors on each shade and they can be programmed so you can create scenes on your phone.  Now, that is technology at its best.