There are times when the most beautiful way to wake up is by the letting the early dawn light stream in through the curtains like Nature’s own personal concierge. But then there are times when the bed is too soft, sheets too warm and the comfort of rest far too delicious to abandon.

Whether it is a holiday, weekend, sick day or just a plain day off from responsibilities, your rest and even more so your sleep is sacred time that deserves respect and peacefulness.

When that ray of sunlight dancing in your window is the last thing you are interested in, know that this the perfect opportunity to utilize the power of blackout drapes! Called ‘blackout’ for their impressive sunshine denying abilities, these useful drapes create wonderfully dark rooms great for resting, meditation or even movie viewing.

With blackout drapes, midday naps and television marathons are all equally protected from outdoor stimuli. One of the best features of a black out drape this how incredibly effective they are in creating an insulated environment. Quintessentially dynamic, this window treatments are well suited to rooms with sun-facing windows, where they can act as a cost effective way of indirect cooling. Blackout drapes are equally great in family rooms, bedrooms, even baby rooms so that youngsters are not disrupted by the sun’s power.


Call Jacoby Company now for a quote and ditch the sun’s domination on sleep, movie times and total relaxation!  Come break the mold and get ‘blackout’ cool !


written by Claudette Davis. 

Social Media Specialist

For Jacoby Company  

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