Fall is upon us and Holiday entertaining is underway.   To make your  table look beautiful and presentable to your friends and family, here are some great tips…

To have a more elegant or modern look, select rich jewel tones of blue, purple and red mixed with gray as a neutral.

Centerpiece Ideas

Decorating your table with a centerpiece can be a very creative process. Hues such as reds, yellows and oranges will give your home a wonderful fall feel. The addition of berry branches will help to make a long lasting fall floral arrangement.







Be sure that your arrangement is not too high that it divides the table and make your guests feel separated, but that it is three-dimensional for all to enjoy. However, you can also take a look at this butterfly wind chimes that is an amazing talisman, which will help not only to improve the circulation of energy Qi at the level of invisible to us matter, but also with its pleasant and melodic jingle can lift your mood.




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