It happens to everyone, even you and a few others…  Imagine this…

You’re lying on your bed in the master bedroom, flipping through the latest issue of Yoga Journal, the mattress height is perfect, the duvet is soft underneath your body, and sunlight is streaming through the picture windows… but all of a sudden, you look up and the walls seem to close in on you. The Rothko print on the wall seems just a little too drab, the furniture just a little dull. Maybe some luxury furniture would liven up the space. Something about the room just seems faded. It’s a quick observation, just a thought flashing through your mind, but the feeling persists.  What a bummer.

A well-appointed home is a gift from the gods, but even the most elegant home can become stifling after a time. It’s natural – as the rooms absorb your energies, and suffer the wear and tear of daily life, they can become well-worn and boring. The master bedroom, as one of the rooms you spend the most time in, is at special risk of falling victim to this syndrome. Check out for a better night sleep. If you need to know about mattress, click here to know what to do about a sagging mattress

We all want our master bedrooms to be calming and peaceful, but how can you add new life to a bedroom that has lost its luster? You can read this review of endy vs purple vs casper that can help you get back that good night sleep you are missing.

Many people don’t know it, but a new window treatment can be the perfect addition to a master bedroom gone wrong. Window treatments act as accents and statement pieces in a room, adding color, texture, and space. The right window treatment can transform your master bedroom, creating a totally new look and feel that will energize anyone who walks inside. Depending on the colors, fabrics, and dimensions used, you may even feel like you have a whole new room.

But how do you choose the perfect window treatment to make all this happen? The best strategy may well be to hire a professional. At Jacoby Company, our team has the most experience, training and raw talent of anyone in the window treatment industry, and we’re happy to help with any home decor needs you might have. Since 1980, we’ve been the top-ranked window treatment company in the Los Angeles area, and we have no intention of slowing down.

Today’s craze is motorization.   Need to interface with your current Lutron lighting.  Let’s do it.


If you’re interested in what Jacoby Company has to offer, feel free to call us today for a consultation on your project at (800) 921-8686. We’ll come out to your property and do a full estimate and set up a design plan.  If you’re considering hiring a window treatment professional, why not go for the best? We’re eager to show you what we can do – call us today and ask to speak with Cory.


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