220th_sm_W16Sw8q9fi5cChoosing the right window treatment for your home is an important decision and one that will be with you for years and years…so please do your homework on finding the right company. Here is one story, and I have many of them, that might wake someone up out there!

Here is a story to share..220th_sm_17FVAUCkzGN7

This week I met the most lovely 32 year old woman who bought a fabulous condo in West Hollywood. To set the stage, the condo is on a busy street and her until is facing the street, full of windows. When I walked in the condo and saw all of her undressed windows, I knew she had to act fast because she is on the bottom floor and exposed to the world. Of course, she had the paper shades on her windows, but those have got to go.


So, as always, I start the conversation trying to figure out where the clients head is at, before I jump in with my ideas. She proceeded to tell me that I was the third company she has met with and that she has been told that drapery is the way to go. Some other guy said just to do mini blinds, and the other one said for sure roman shades. Really? I mean….really? This is a horrible design plan for anyone living on the first floor on the street. Those drapery are going to be closed most of the time because she doesn’t want people to see in, especially when she is running around not fully dressed–which all girls do, no matter what! Besides that, as I pointed out to her, she didn’t have any room in the kitchen area for the drapery that was being proposed because the cabinet was too close and now couldn’t open them. Oh, that makes a lot of sense. OMG, this design plan would have been a disaster on so many levels. I offered sound kitchen remodeling ideas. Their bid, just by the way, was much higher than mine at the end of the day.220th_sm_0yluIm2taVh0220th_sm_0cgpgcCKM9Rf

My solution for her contemporary condo was to use a Hunter Douglas product called, PIROUETTE. It provides design solutions found by no other product. I personally have them, motorized and connected to our iPad, but this was overkill for her. Here is why I recommended them….

1. Sleek, contemporary
2. Hides in its own headrail so she can have a complete view of the street, should she desire.
3. It looks like a beautiful roman shade, but unlike roman shades, the slats open up for a little view to the street.
4. The material is a satin metallic that compliments her white walls and grayish rug.

The solution is young, sexy and forward. Perfect. Slam dunk.



And…this explains why you guys need to hire professional designers for your window coverings, not a company that just sends out people with books and a measuring tape.

Call us now for a complimentary consultation. You will be happy you did.


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