From the very day you walk through the door of your first house, your first priority is making that house a home. Whether it’s a starter apartment or your third upgrade, creating a inviting space for you and your loved ones is essential. Days spent choosing lamps and night tables, wrestling with paint and rug swatches, picking just the right framed print for the foyer – the entire endeavor can take months, even years.


And when it’s all done, days or months or years later, you may find yourself looking around your newly-christened home with a critical eye. As you admire the furniture, the elegant art, the pillows and throws, in spite of yourself you admit, “These rooms could use a little something extra.” Whether you’ve just finished redecorating or just want to add the finishing touch to a new home, the perfect solution is just a phone call away: Custom draperies can transform any living space from plain to polished.



If you’re interested in what Jacoby Company has to offer, please feel free to call us today for a consultation on your project at (800) 921-8686. We’ll come out to your property and do a full estimate. If you’re considering hiring an interior design professional, why not go for the best? We’re eager to show you what we can do – call us today.


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