So you know when you meet someone that you just seriously click with? Well, this client was just that for us. I walked into her home and Susan (who has allowed me to use her name-go Susan!) greeted me with the nicest smile and said “Welcome into my home” and immediately I felt welcomed and comfortable. Sometimes when you just click, you click and I knew this was going to be a working relationship for us. Again, important to hire people you can trust and who you really like working with since this is an expensive and can become a long process.


Going into her home, Susan’s style was very much chic sophisticated with a splash of rustic Restoration Hardware essentials. Therefore, there was a lot to play with and creative juices were flowing ever so quickly. As we walked into her Master Bedroom, she had ready made “blackout” drapery up and she was the first to say she didn’t like it and wanted it to look custom. By the way, sometimes people ask me what the difference between custom and ready made is and the answers are endless. First of all, the hardware let’s talk about ready made. Ready made hardware is like a long telescope that bows in the middle because usually it’s too big a of a span to hold the drapery. However, sometimes we need ready made just to get by before buying the custom drapes…completely understandable! So, the hardware is one. Second reason is the quality of the workmanship and fabrics. Going custom allows you to pick ANY and I literally mean any fabric you want. Of course, we chose to go with a gorgeous linen fabric but that’s because we were trying to take a more casual spin on the drapery and go more fancy decorative with her sheers.

Susan had an eclectic variety of metals in her bedroom but the most prominent metal of all was gold and a bit rustic. We loved it and decided yup, that is what we will use. Perfection at its finest.

After going back and forth between both my mom and I with design plans, we came to the conclusion of designing her blackout drapery with this linen that had the most luxerious hand to it and creating a 8” banding along all the leading edges (IN PURPLE!) The pleat is called reverse pleat and it’s on gold rod iron and rings with a traverse rod in the back holding the silver metallic sheers.

When we saw the turnout–we were blown away.


Let’s first start by pointing out that Susan has great taste even without us #draperistas. Susan has it going on. She’s GLAM if there ever were such a person called it. Being that she already laid it out there for me, this bathroom was a piece of cake to design and it came to us right away. We knew she needed to add some real romance into this bathroom and the only way we could accomplish that look would be to do a smile roman shade interlined so it looks full and add crystals to the bottom leading edge. Voila!

This job was really a pleasure to design and we are so lucky to have such great clients like Susan. Please follow us on Facebook @JACOBYCOMPANY to see the video we took of Susan’s home.


Bree Jacoby

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