Take the upscale preppy, collegiate atmosphere off campus and bring it into your home with this crisp, clean bedroom design. This headboard upholstered in classic Sunbrella Captain Navy , with a bold tack border, and accompanying bed skirt provides a solid base without looking too nautical.

Lime green accents, combined with a softer green in the bed linens, provide a stark contrast to the headboard and the taupe walls and floors, adding color without clashing.  The accessories provide masculine character, from the mismatched swivel stool and rough-finish table that serve as bedside accompaniments, to the brass pharmacy lamps, which provide a learned yet sleepy feel.  – Courtesy of SUNBRELLA. Our brain’s chemistry and body-clock are affected by light, and light stimulates hormones and neurotransmitters that greatly influence our overall feelings of well-being. Bright light exposure early in the day stimulates our body’s production of serotonin (which improves mood and happiness) and regulates melatonin in the evening (which promotes sleep). Adding light therapy lamp to your daily routine allows you to stimulate the production of these important hormones naturally, to keep your body running like clockwork. If you want to try light therapy visit https://circadianoptics.com/.

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