Finally!!!!!!!  Jacoby Company has been saying this for years….hanging cords are very dangerous for children!  You have to read the attached article that corded shades are no longer an option because too many young lives have been lost.  Gary and I are parents ourselves – and soon to be grandparents this February – so you can be sure child safety is forefront on our minds.  Please take a second to read this article.
As you can see from this article, the big box stores can’t sell corded products anymore and they have to be made custom by professionals like Jacoby Company.
So, here is what we offer:
Cordless Roman Shades
Cordless Duettes, Silhouettes and all Hunter Douglas Products
Cordless Honeycomb Shades
Cordless Wood Blinds
Cordless Roller Shades
And, we also offer all motorization for those hard to reach blinds that can’t be cordless.
And, if you need some of these products, call Jacoby Company.  We care about our clients….so please call now for a consultation about getting those old blinds and shades out of your house and the new ones installed.  And, tell all of your friends about this new regulation, so they can make sure they  are also protecting their children.
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