Due to the extreme heat,  we  have been recommending to customers to insulate their windows with Cellular Shades (also known as Honeycomb shades) for all windows and skylights.  These shades are effective in keeping the air cool in summer and warm in the winter especially with the extreme weather we are having.

The Cellular shades come in a variety of operation options, including a sheer shade  to allow light in an keep your privacy.




Because of the insulating qualities of cellular shades it is common for these shades to pay for themselves over time.  Yes, the savings that you receive on your energy bill from the insulating qualities of cellular shades will more than pay for the shades over a period of years.  Let’s not forget that these shades not only can save you money on your energy bill but, also offer a beautiful and functional window covering that will provide both privacy and light control.

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