Here is the final set on ceiling designs…. These are some of the best yet!

8. White ceilings are main stream or just luck of other choices?
 There already was an example above with light blue color on the ceiling.  The ceiling color doesn’t have to be white. If color is chosen correctly, this will give more benefit than just white or off-white colors.

In this room ceiling color is matching the wall wainscoting in-frames color.

Photo by Architectural Digest 
Punta del Este Beach House

As we can see, there is no pure white used in this room at all and ceiling is painted with the same color as used in surrounding wall trims.

Also noticeable that the ceiling pattern is flat and simple with a just little edge while combining with detailed trim and crown moulding it still creates a feel of a good combination.

And have you noticed the rag?

9. Even paint itself is not always an answer

 If other millwork in your house is different than wood, the ceiling can be as well.

Finish can be matched to:

Plaster – matt gypsum finishes and look

Limestone – fine sand alike colored manmade surface

Photo by Architectural Digest 
Punta del Este Beach House

There are few more, but those two mostly used for interior millwork such ceiling patterns, archways, openings and fireplace mantels.

Here you can spot the tiles, opening mouldings, crown moulding, ceiling pattern, and even wall finishes are somewhat stone alike look.

Although wood mouldings are used probably more than plaster nowadays, most of them still get paint instead of staining.

Look at the previous image with a flat pattern on the ceiling. That could be wood, and could be finished or made as wood natural or any other wood color or species such walnut, mahogany, oak, maple or other.

10. So What if you have stucco on the ceiling?

Punta del Este Beach House
It Came From Outer Space: Universal
Scrape it, cover it or close it off.

11. Condo or concrete ceiling makes no difference in the look

 While it’s a more challenge to do work in condo, it still can be done.
Punta del Este Beach House
Most of the issues that arise in condos that they have concrete ceilings, strict rules made by condo board, shorter timing for construction noise, service elevator booking, parking, and some others.
Punta del Este Beach House

Another reason is that condo owners not as much as homeowners have the same feel and will to decorate their space with permanent not removable decor or accents.

However while selling, you still get the same benefit as selling the well-designed home.

12. Having wall unit in the same room.

 Combining wall unit with ceiling decor raises similar questions as for combining it with moulding or wainscotings. This room is a perfect example how well all trim is connecting with each other.

Ideally, you want to make it in the same project. This way you can plan all little details and connections without setbacks in the middle.

However, it still may be done after with some thinking.

Talking about colors again, pure white ceiling stands out real sharp from walls and floors. And rug again brings everything back from dramatic to clean, firm and positive.

You can think about wainscoting and trims to accent that walls that don’t have a wall unit, but still want to be part of it.

Punta del Este Beach House

13. Barrel vaulted ceiling can be challenging.

If you got a vaulted barrel ceiling of a decent size, and anxious to dress it up, here are some start-up ideas.While it doesn’t have to be so flowery in some rooms, some decoration is still an asset.
Punta del Este Beach House
Especially if the ceiling has the height. But while ceiling has the height enough to have thicker decor such coffered ceiling boxes or beams, curving thinner trim is more cost effective.
Punta del Este Beach House

Punta del Este Beach House













The barrel vault is made for cove lightings, and here is why: from the same light source you get Way more light because of the of light spread angle.

While 90-degree standard ceiling absorbs the lights much easier, and light can’t go that far, on the narrower vaulted barrels same power light source can lit the whole ceiling space with less effort.



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