Here are some more great custom ideas, these rooms are brought together beautifully…

4. Combining ceiling design with your existing trim.

Classic or traditional – wainscoting dress up walls away from the bare drywall.

Imagine if this ceiling would be plain. It wouldn’t give that effect of completion.

Although I think we could tweak the pattern a little bit by browsing few more ideas, this is still well done on the ceiling of this shape.

Another thing to notice is that the ceiling pattern looks sharp and curvy, but no such shapes are found  in existing trim, and it still looks well together.

This image received over 5’500 saves on Houzz

Punta del Este Beach House

5. Crown molding is an option.

It could be the option before making a ceiling pattern, or can be done together as a part of the design. In this picture, the border between crown molding and the ceiling pattern primarily painted in a light blue color.

It’s kind of similar to walls but not as plain as white colors that are used for most ceilings.


Punta del Este Beach House

Also note that there is another room on the back which has the same pattern of a different size, meaning that even rooms are close together, and pattern is same, it  might end up differently at the crown moulding, which is not a problem if laid out correctly, which brings us to the next option:


6. Adding cove indirect lighting with moldings

Cove lighting looks good on many designs and benefits it. If used with proper paint, it will give a smooth reflected indirect light without shining and irritate the eyes.

You will need at least 6″ bulkhead drop to make this to look good.

But perimeter bulkhead doesn’t have to be thick and wide if your ceiling doesn’t have space for it.

Despite the example of this image, bulkhead also may be made smaller and narrower to fit most of the room properties.

Punta del Este Beach House

Also, the white trims on the walls look rich without drawing too much attention to it as well as to the ceiling on its own.

Although potlights not used here, placed them below the bulkhead makes the walls even brighter. The brown colors on the furniture, drapes and floors making all contrast needed.

You can make cove lighting a little differently also. Such as we see on another example below.

Punta del Este Beach House

Let the light behind the moulding shine before the pattern starts, to give it a longer span, and begin the pattern foot or two away.

This way the first line of the pattern breaks the light creating shadow, and the whole pattern looks more light uniform as an accent instead of gradually loosing the lit.

7. Potlights may work too. Have existing potlights?

Working your design around existing potlights can be a challenge. For this measurement needs to be taken before planning a perfect ceiling design.

On other hand placing potlights afterwards is not an easy task also. The ceiling is full of wooden joints which need to be found and measured before planning.

Punta del Este Beach House

But there is something that can help actually. With the help of LED technology some potlights are now thin as drywall and can be installed virtually anywhere.

But even if this, not an option, potlights can go to the bulkhead if you decided to have one.

Punta del Este Beach House

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