Us Draperista’s wanted to update you all on what we call “Trends for 2014” pertaining mainly to our California clients. California homes are much more relaxed than the South or even the East Coast, per say. On an average, we go into three homes a day and each one is a different style. Sound fun? It is! Most homes we see on a daily basis are either mid-century modern & contemporary, traditional, spanish, craftsman and colonial. All of which have their different styles and uniqueness to them. Although each home may be styled differently, it’s amazing to us that the one thing they all have in common is that LESS IS MORE. Window treatments back in 1980 used to be about swags and cascades. Times are different now. People don’t want really really over the top dressy windows unless you’re trying to go for a regal look which I would imagine 9/10 people aren’t. Here are some of the top trends for 2014 in the “draperista’s” world that we’d love to share with you. We hope that this helps you with your window treatment planning. If you live in Los Angeles, please drop us a line (310) 476-3291 or email! We would love to work on your project!

-Bree Jacoby


We love the layering look of an inside mount woven wood with drapery panels on the sides of the windows. Some windows call for more attention to detail and others do not. It is important to consider if your windows are screaming “I need a jacket! Please layer me!” Drapery panels could be your answer. Tip: We would make pillows that match the drapery to put onto your couch to make this look more pulled together.












We have noticed an overall trend the past two years which is GEOMETRIC shapes. It is important to pick geometrics that you won’t get sick of so if you want geometrics but you’re afraid you’ll go crazy seeing this bold pattern, you can always pick a light colored geometric print.









A really cool feature we love to use. When you have a simple fabric and need a little more piazza, add some banding to the leading edge in a  color or a print of your choice! This will give your drapery the kick in the patootie that it needs!










Reverse Pleat

The winner for the most popular pleat for 2013-2014 has been the REVERSE PLEAT! We love this look for a more contemporary feel. If your home doesn’t call for modern/contemporary we do not suggest this type of pleat. But, that is a personal choice and one that needs to be executed by your designer or hopefully… us!

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