by Cassandra Keeney

When it comes to designing and revamping your home, there are plenty of things to consider—neutral or colored paint, dark or light flooring, contemporary or modern fixtures, the list goes on and on. One aspect of design that you should be sure to consider are the window treatments you use around the house. An important thing to keep in mind here is that there is no one-size-fits-all solution, but Jacoby Company Inc. has options to help you find the perfect fit.


HD Parkland Wood Blinds


Most people opt to having a window blind installation. The blinds are one of the most common window treatments people will use, mainly because they are the ones most often sold in hardware stores and supermarkets. These window blinds can be either horizontal or vertical. While running to the closest store is an option, it still comes at a cost. Proper measurements and higher quality materials can make all the difference in unifying your space. Wood and metal vertical blinds can also provide texture that really makes a room feel complete. Vertical blinds and outdoor blinds are a common window treatment for glass sliding doors. However, because these are often covering a large area, it is important to consider the aesthetics alongside function. Vinyl, fabric, and aluminum options are available to choose from, and is customizable to fit the space.



Shutters are one option worth considering in your home design project. Plantation shutters consist of wood louvers (slats) mounted onto a solid frame, and a rod allows you to control the tilt of the louvers, giving you complete control on the amount of light entering the room. Shutters can also be customized to fit your space, with custom installation giving you the perfect fit and color for your home.



Who is to say that one window treatment is all you can have? Drapery often used in conjunction with blinds to block more heat or sunlight, as well as for appearance. Shutters can be used with a blackout shade, providing complete darkness in the rooms that need it the most, such as bedrooms or nurseries. There are truly countless options for your home, all customizable to give you the perfect look!


The Big Question

With all these choices, how do you decide which options are right for you? Visit if you’re looking for prices on sun awnings. Lucky for you, Jacoby Company Inc. has the expertise to help you along every step of the way, from deciding what will look best in your space and provide you with the functions you need, to measuring and installing to make sure everything is the right fit. Contact Jacoby Company Inc. for a design consultation, and see the perfect space unfold before you.

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