We get a lot of phone calls from clients who want blackout shades. However, there is one thing we would like to clarify when ordering blackout products. Now take a deep breath. Blackout doesn’t mean blackout! Ah! Ok, you’re alive still if you’re continue to read…

The words light filtering are really more appropriate because blackout shades aren’t truly blackout! Are you quesitoning what I mean by that? Don’t worry, most people do. I mean it makes sense that blackout should mean blackout. Why did someone have to come up with that?

When you’re thinking blackout, you’re most likely thinking total blackout, dark room and all… Am I correct? Well I hate to say this so bluntly but it’s nearly impossible! Unless, you have a cornice box to trap the light above the shade (where the light gap is) in addition to blackout side drapery (where the light gaps are on the sides on the shades). Of course, this isn’t an inexpensive undertaking. You see, this is the tidbit of information that a majority of window covering professionals and consumers forget about!

So, for those of you who can’t sleep with the slightest bit of light coming into the room, there is only one solution for you to achieve this blackout maven. You should always know that the only way to achieve complete blackout is to have blackout drapery with a cornice box on top.

Thanks for reading!

-Bree Jacoby

LIGHT FILTERING (notice the side gaps 1/4” on each side)

Light filtering shades--notice the 1/4'' light gaps on each side of the shade.











Blackout roman shade with blackout drapery panels and a cornice box--true blackout!

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