We are so excited to announce that we are now dealers for Lutron selling automated roller shades!!! These shades are FANTASTIC! I know most of us think oh no, automated shades are expensive. Guess what…we can’t even blame you for feeling like that! We used to think the same thing. However, Lutron has made it AFFORDABLE for all of us now! This is a huge turning curve for our industry. Also, we are really happy to say that we are the ONLY dealers in Los Angeles, supplying these shades.

Some really great features come with these shades. First, these shades are battery operated and are really easy to use. They come with a little hand held remote that looks like a mini iPod called a Pico. I must say, it’s quite adorable actually! That’s not all. The best thing about these shades is that you can download the iPad application and use these shades anywhere in your home via your App! Tell me you don’t think that’s cool!

We can also set your shades via your App to work automatically with setting different scene times during the day for them to open and close. Imagine your shades just having its own brain and you never having to worry about closing or opening them again.

Give us a call and let us explain to you how these fabulous shades work! (310) 476-3291

-Bree Jacoby



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