Have you ever thought about what makes a good looking Shutter?  Well, I can tell you.

It’s all about the quality of the wood, the workmanship, the paint finish, the design and the installation.

Custom Bass Wood Shutters, or at least the ones we offer are the best in the market….well, let me explain.-1

 We have been in the window covering business for 34 years.  When Gary and I just started in this business, we didn’t know a thing about Shutters, or what made a good Shutter, but what we did know is that clients want the least expensive product ever and that is what we offered.  Well, that worked until it didn’t.  We quickly found out, over time, that those shutters didn’t last, nor did the wood. That was the end of that.


From that point, we made it our personal business to find the best shutters on the market, along with our careful design plan, to be the best in the business. We can clearly and honestly say, our Shutters are the best.  We have partnered with a small shutter company that has the same business model that we offer…..excellent products, excellent service and fabulous installations.


Our Shutters are 100% American Made, from start to finish. We choose the paint color and they use whatever we ask them to!  WE can do 1 3/8″ , 2 1/2, 3 1/2, 4 1/2″ louvers depending on the style of the home.


Clearly, the right shutter an the perfect design is the best combo. Please don’t choose a company because of the price of the shutter because in the long run, you won’t remember how much it cost, but you will remember, (on a daily basis), if the shutter has stood the test of time.

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