From time to time, we are asked for the latest and newest for window coverings, and I just found one that really sizzles. In my opinion, the Allure Product, although not really a new release, has been reintroduced to the community with new beautiful skew’s that will make your windows look beautiful and I just had to pass it on to you.
This product is a great, less expensive alternative to Hunter Douglas’ Silhouette Shade.  It is really perfect for the contemporary home as it is sleek and different looking with a touch of class seen by no other.   The new colors, like Silver and Chocolate look really beautiful on the windows with enough character for people to notice them right as they walk in the home.
So, take a look at the pictures and see if maybe you could use them on your windows.  Recently I sold them in a very contemporary home that was very retro, yet modern.  The walls were bright white, one wall was red and the floor was a black and white check.  The shades were black and white complimenting the floor and it looked unbelievable.  I have heard nothing but raves from the client!  They love the attention their windows are getting as they have the “Wow” factor on their side!
Call today for a complimentary meeting and I will bring a sample to your home so you can see it on your window…..and then you can decide what you think.  I assure you…your neighbor doesn’t own them.
Until next time,

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