In a world full of neutrals which we are used to seeing a lot of these days, there is something so appealing about a pop of color. Why do we hide from color? Are we afraid of getting sick of it? I usually worry about those things but as of lately with my design eye, I think color really helps positive energy cultivate in a space and who doesn’t need more of that right?! I was in a clients home a few weeks ago and her house was filled with color from the walls, the couches, the decorations…literally everything in her home was color. She was a bold woman with a fierce eye for color and she wasn’t afraid of it at all. Even I  know it was too much color for my own space, it really got me thinking of how much your home really represents YOU. I know most of us are afraid of color but I am here to share with you that we shouldn’t be afraid of it anymore. Color breeds happiness so picking a color that best suits you will really brighten up your home and energy!

I wanted to relate this all back to window treatments and how we can brighten them up, specifically speaking, plantation shutters (yes, it’s my favorite window treatment known to man!) I like the simplicity and cleanliness of shutters and the southern nostalgic feel they give me when I look at them. In my business, unlike most of my competitors, we manufacture our shutters here in LA which is a huge advantage. Not only do we make them here so our quality is top notch, we can also paint them any color we want!


-Bree Jacoby

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