1. Change your Wood Blinds to Shutters

People don’t normally know this but a simple update of changing your wood blinds to shutters can create value in your home. Why? Well, simple as this. IF you ever sell your home, the agent will say, “featuring plantation shutters” while the house is listed. Insider trick: They will never do that no matter if you spent 100,000 on custom curtains. They only mention shutters as a point of reference to window treatments. Go figure!









2.  Roman Shades Flat

Out with the hobbled over the top fabric look because it’s all about subtle and clean! All of our interior designer clients and clients in general, are only requesting us to design FLAT roman shades. Hop on this flat bandwagon.


cordless roman shades- by Jacoby Company, Inc










3. Linen is in, silk is OUT

Silk was a thing of the past. But, now linen is the fabric of now and the future. We aren’t kidding when we say, less is more. The more simple and clean the better these days. A lot of new construction is going towards minimalistic, contemporary and rustic vibes all throughout Los Angeles.


AD Cover Image


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