We are so excited to announce that we now have 108 straight A reviews on Angie’s List!!!! Thanks to customers such as yourself, we were able to make it to the top. Our logic is simple… You use us and we provide you with the best customer service and top quality treatments. Therefore, leaving us both really happy!  If you are unfamiliar with Angie’s List, this is how it works:

Angie’s List:

“Before you hire a company or choose a new doctor, read feedback from real people in your area first! We collect comments about companies that our members have loved working with, but we can also give you an idea of which ones to avoid. If you see a commercial on TV or receive a flyer in your mail box and want to check the company’s reputation, we can share detailed information about their service history.

After joining, you have access to our website 24/7, but if you’re not near your computer you can give us a call, too. Through our award-winning call-in service, we’ll provide contact information for several companies for any project. Our Neighborhood Specialists will share detailed information about providers including their specialties, the areas of town they service, and comments shared with us by our members.

Visit our website or call us to share your opinions about your experiences, too. Your feedback becomes part of the company’s rating so that the List is always regularly updated. Find out more about how to submit a review.” – courtesy of Angieslist.com

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